We are Aby's Dice

We're four friends that found together in 2014 in the greater area of Zurich, Switzerland. After switching rehearsal rooms three times, we are currently located in Russikon. This is where we record and produce our songs.

Aby's Dice is - for the lack of a better word - an Alternative Rock Band. The music each of us Inspired by varies from Alternative Rock to Trip Hop or from Metal to Irish Folk. We pick elements regardless of the genre to define our music.

In its core, our songs contain a violin, melodic vocals, distorted guitars, bass and drums. But those technical terms actually say nothing about us. For us, Aby's Dice is pure emotion.

Distorted melancholia.

Sanna Vocals, Violin

Sanna, Vocals, Violin

How do you know, who you are? Maybe you asked yourself this question many times and so did I. If you're asking me I'd say, that you never really know until you brought all your different faces to life. That means you just enunciate it, let it out and express yourself - every little facet of your being.

This is what music means to me: self-expression. To express yourself while playing music with others - in my eyes - is only possible, if every little detail fits. And that's the reason why I feel like being in the right place at the right time while playing music with the musicians of Aby's Dice.

Yamaha Yev 104
TC polytune
Source Audio AfterShock
EHX Holy Grail
TC Nova
Line 6 Relay G10
Audix OM7
Inspired by
Brandon Boyd
Breaking Benjamin
Ben Harper
Justin Currie
Dougie MacLean

Yves Guitar, Vocals

Yves - Guitar, Vocals

Stop reading. Start listening.

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Inspired by
The Prodigy
Bullet for my Valentine
Rise Against
The XX
Massive Attack
Agnes Obel

Stef Drums

Stef - Drums

Life is too short to listen to shitty music.

Tama Superstar Hyperdrive Custom all Maple
Meinl Cymbals
Promark American Hickory 5B
Inspired by
Skunk Anansie
Brant Bjork
Sick of it all
Danko Jones
Popa Chubby
The Aggrolites

Mark Bass

Mark - Bass

My music is influenced by all kind of bands. In all those years I am making music now, I never could favor one single genre.

It was bands like Disturbed, Rage, Type O Negative, but also Stevie Ray Vaughan or Jimi Hendrix that characterised me. I make music for more than 25 years now. Before Aby's Dice, I was mostly playing the guitar. Starting in several school bands, smaller projects occurred from time to time, until one day the first concrete band named DNA was born. After that, I was playing in several different bands and projects, like Bloodline of Cerberus or The Sideshow Freaks.

Without music, I am not a humann being. Something would be missing. Music can express those things words cannot say. Its a river full of energy flowing out of myself, which - with much, much practising - can be formed as desired. And at the same time, it is changing one self. This exact spot I am trying to reach.

That specific music in this specific band I am doing because....well.... just listen to it. Any more questions? ;-)

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Guma Dirve
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Inspired by
Type O Negative
Stevie Ray
Jimmy Hendrix